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VIDEO on Youtube @YukoTakadaKellerArt

Floating Plankton

Feel Wind

Trace My History


Interview 2022


Prismatic in Okinawa

Floating Universe

In Relation with Nature

花鳥風月 (Beautiful Nature) from Denmark

Love World

Essence -IKI

Colours From Denmark

"Wave" Solo Exhibition

"Love Peace - Moon" in Okinawa Japan

"Love World - Dancing Chair in Greve"

"Expectation - Hope" Hospital Art for Mimihara Hospital, Osaka Japan

"Dancing Chair in Greve" at Portalen, Greve DK

"Dancing Chair in Fukuoka" at STUDIO SERIKEI stop by Miyajidake Shrein

"Dancing Chair in Kyoto" at Cohju Contemporary Art, Kyoto Japan

"Dancing Chair in Okayama" at Gallery 99/14 Okayama Japan

"Dancing Chair in Frederksværk" at Gjethuset, Fredriksværk DK

"Work List from 1988~2013"

"Pure Paper" Gallery Kirk

"All We Need is Love" MI Gallery

Solo Exhibition at Gjethust 2013

Interview 2013

Traveling with Prismatic

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