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[This book is not concerned about art. ] Aug. 2005


Design & Edit: Cataloague of Soft Sculpture From The East - Japanese Sense of Beaty. 2002 Front Design: 『デンマークに暮らす/Living In Denamerk』Published by Den Japanske Forening
i Danmark 2002
Design & Edit: Catalogue of my work since 1988〜1995
Appearances in Books & Magazines
kM zomer 2002 (Wr. by Peter van der Meijden/ Holland) Novel Object II (Publ. by design house / KOREA. 1997) Art Textile Of The World: Japan (Telos Art Publishing / UK) 1997 FIBERARTS Jan/Feb1996 Vol.22, No.4 (Wr. by Carol D. Westfall/ U.S.A)
ART & Crafts (Publ. by design house / KOREA) 1995 TEXTILE PLUS, 151 (Wr. by Marijke Arp / Holland) 1995 FIBER ART JAPAN (Publ. by Shinshin-dou / JAPAN) 1994